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ECO-HUB is a company incorporated in Kenya to provide professional and accountable Environmental, Health and Safety services and products to our esteemed clients aimed at enhancing corporate image, compliance with the EHS Legislation (OSHA 2007, EMCA 1999, WIBA 2007 etc) and minimizing incidents and accidents which in return boosts real return-on-investment. The Company has been registered under the Companies Act CAP 486 section 3 and Registration of Business Names Act CAP 499 section 14 as required by the law.

Eco-hub provides focused environmental, health and Safety management expertise to deliver cost-effective, sustainable solutions, which are technically sound and aligned with the client’s expectations and global best-EHS practice standards. We aim to provide high quality, cost effective, environmentally sound and efficient service with the aid of skilled and experienced environmental professionals.

Our team includes environmental engineers, certified environmental professionals, Government accredited health and safety advisors, plant examiners, designated health practitioners (DHP), risk assessment experts, air quality monitoring experts, noise measurement and analysis experts.

Our Mission

The main services offered by our company are aimed at achieving the following:

  1. Improved environmental performance and enhanced compliance (EMCA, 1999 and associated legislation),
  2. Improved health and safety performance and compliance (OSHA, 2007 and associated legislation),
  3. Reduced/mitigated risks and hence work-related injuries are rare,
  4. Increased efficiency and reduced costs leading to improved operations and resource management,
  5. Achieved/improved employee awareness on environment, health and safety issues and responsibilities,
  6. Operate the facility with a Safety Health and Environment (SHE) management system commensurate with the potential risks associated with the hotel industry

Eco-hub Services Limited operates under the following core values:

  1. Environment Protection aimed at reducing our clients’ carbon footprint,
  2. Resource efficiency and utilization,
  3. Prioritizing and championing Safety in all operations,
  4. Minimizing accidents and occupational diseases,
  5. Compliance with EHS legislation,
  6. Offering value for money,
  7. Employment creation,
  8. Innovation and continual improvement of services being offered,
  9. Transparency and integrity,
  10. Promoting diversity.

Our Approach

The basis of our operations is in tandem with the following key statutes:

  1. Environmental Management and Coordination Act of 1999- The associated regulations include Waste management regulations, Excessive noise and vibration pollution control, Air quality regulations, Water quality regulations
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2007 (OSHA, 2007) provisions (in conjunction with applicable subsidiary legislation i.e. First Aid Rules, Fire Risk Reduction Regulations, Noise Prevention and Control Regulations, Medical Examination Rules, Safety and Health committee Rules),
  3. Workers Injury Benefit Act 2007 (WIBA 2007) provisions, Environmental Management and coordination Act 1999
  4. Applicable international regulations including IFC World bank guidelines on Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Tourism and Hospitality Development


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