Environment, Health and Safety Supervision for Ongoing Construction Projects

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Environment, Health and Safety Supervision for Ongoing Construction Projects

This is aimed at creating safer construction sites and our role as safety supervisors in a project is as follows:

  1. Ensure compliance to the HSE related legislation, both local (Kenyan) and International,
  2. Formulate and ensure implementation of construction related safety policies, procedures and regulations
  3. Preparation of Environment, Health and Safety Plans for use during construction,
  4. Safety site inspection using a checklist to determine if safety hazards are present and to establish procedures and policies to mitigate/eliminate those hazardous situations,
  5. Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly safety reports, summarizing HSE observations and recommendations to minimize/eliminate hazards on site,
  6. Liaison with the statutory bodies including NEMA, DOSH, NCA and the neighbouring community to enhance good working relation and coexistence,
  7. Accident investigation should one occur to determine root cause and actions to be taken for mitigation
  8. Conduct HSE trainings, toolbox talks, visitors’ induction and orientation to all new employees.
  9. Attend pre-job, planning and client meetings as required on HSE related matters.
  10. Ensure periodic drills are implemented as part of the company’s HSE program.

What we do

Our firm provides a wide range of services to our individual and business . Below, we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with description.Note Eco-hub provides focused environmental, health and Safety management expertise to deliver cost-effective, sustainable solutions, which are technically sound and aligned with the client’s expectations and global best-EHS practice standards.


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